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As our means of telecommunication networks evolved, streaming media has also been popularized. Sending or receiving any form of media can be referred to as streaming. It has its roots in the early 20th century when signals and messages were transmitted through the electrical lines. Now that the Internet became more accessible, streaming any form of media has also become easier.

The Steady Growth of Streaming Services

Radio and Television can be considered the most popular medium of streaming. They’ve provided their audience entertainment for decades. But the streaming media has changed drastically because of the internet. Cable TV and DVD have rendered obsolete now. Most corporations and com[anies have adapted to this and started using the Internet to stream their content. There are a lot of popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu. Streaming music has also become easier because of the internet. Because of its more individualistic approach, content-creators and artists can now get more recognition.

Use Among the General Public

Streaming sites have gained so much popularity that the previous mediums have becomes seemingly archaic. Live streaming is now possible where the end-user can receive the broadcast the content in real-time. However, this requires different forms of source media. Live-streamed content doesn’t need to be recorded but often is. It is a popular form of receiving content in many communities, especially the gaming community. The end-user can also access on-demand contents like films or tv shows or music. Streaming can be considered an alternative to downloading. The end-user can use digital video or digital audio content before the entire file has been transmitted. Along with audio and video, other media like texts, ticker tapes, and closed captioning can also be streamed in real-time.

Professional Streaming

Streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime, Crunchyroll, etc. have proved that streaming content can be turned into a successful business opportunity. They earn enough capital that they can produce their own content. But their lots of other sites that provide their user with a platform to express their creativity. Artists and musicians can now attract a more suitable audience. Through video sharing websites like youtube, anyone can post videos online, and their live broadcast is also preserved. You can also stream educational content depending on your expertise. Lengthy video lectures can be found among them. Streaming content has opened up new marketing concepts. Firms like the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra sells internet live-streams of entire concerts, instead of dividing them in several CDs or such. They use this so-called Digital Concert Hall through using Youtube for trailing purposes only. A similar use of live streaming can be found in various areas. There has been a drastic surge in live streaming sites because now a lot of young people have also started using this opportunity. They stream their content for their paid subscribers and earn a substantial amount of money.

In this day and age streaming quality content is a great way for reaching out to communities and earn some money along the way. As long as you have a suitable bandwidth streaming content or being the end-user of streamers shouldn’t be a hassle. Streamed content can be recorded with many software. But recording and distributing copyrighted content can be an issue for companies that rely on revenue based on views or attendance. Streaming copyrighted content is also very unethical and ultimately hurts the content creators.