About Video Streaming

video streaming

What is video streaming? We can say, it is an advanced technology of teleporting video files constantly through the internet. These are media contents that are provided to computers and other devices over the internet. It is like watching movies on a video call. Video streaming is the real-time interaction of people with the media. It is a digitalized television.

Video streaming has already become a very popular aspect in the gaming community, where people are sharing their live experience with millions of people. It is allowing such streamers to gain financial support from their followers as well as getting the required fame to succeed in their own fields.

However, as there are too many platforms of video streaming in the market, it can be hard for clients to choose the correct ones. That is why we have listed some top platforms for video streaming.

Video Streaming Platforms

Dacast: Dacast is a platform based on broadcasters from schools, universities, and other professional institutions, along with organizations. They supply both live streaming and video on demand of the hosts. It is a secured platform and a global service. Also, they include Ad-free streaming which is amazing. They also have embeddable HTML5 video players. Also, their platform is compatible with mobile devices.

Vimeo: Vimeo is similar to youtube as they consist of a B2C platform. It is a video hosting platform available for all types of people including the beginners and also the professionals. They include a variety of features that support video streaming and VOD hosting. They have a professional platform which is quite user-friendly. The prices are all set according to different hosts.

IBM Cloud Video: It was usually known as UStream at the beginning. IBM is a reliable platform for clients wanting video streaming and also VOD. They are mostly very expensive, which is why normally organizations or different institutions prefer to work with them. It is a reliable platform with stellar customer support. They included many features that are powerful for broadcasters.

Wowza: Wowza is one of the oldest platforms to provide video hosting for games. It has an enhanced security function which is quite impressive. Though few of their plans are expensive, it is known as budget-friendly in this industry. Wowza allows for high-definition streaming and strong security features. It also connects with google analytics. They are quite user-friendly and consist of a customer unit providing 24 hours service.

Brightcove: It is a platform that provides video streaming mainly for marketing and monetization. It is widely known as a B2B platform that is best suited for large enterprises. Brightcove included insight video analytics which is very beneficial for marketing videos. They have reliable technical support and a customer unit available 24/7. However, this platform is not suitable for broadcasters who are new.

There are many more platforms in this industry. That is why you must sort out your goals, wants, and the criteria of your audience. After preparing your plan, choose the platform which matches up to all of your desires and also copes with your budget. Always remember to take time to compare the prices of different platforms and other important key functions before starting the streaming service. Also, never let go of free trials. Always believe in efficient work and choose the perfect one.