Essentials for Streaming

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To step up your video marketing, there are some essentials you will always need to share your content in an effective way to the world. The following list consists of 7 necessities that are a must for every streamer.

A Computer

Technical requirements always vary depending on what type of software you are using. The normal features you would want in your device are- at least a RAM of 8GB, i7 CPU, a solid-state hard drive, and the presence of many USB ports.

A desktop computer is more useful if you don’t want the portability of the laptop. It is easy to operate on a computer and usually, they have lots of USB ports. If you plan to level-up your streaming activities, then this one would be a great choice.


The common cameras for this job are the USB webcams. Normally content creators and small brands tend to use this as their weapon. You can try Logitech C922 Pro which is the best webcam for streaming. Also, remember that USB cameras don’t come with a long cord. To place them in different places, you need a USB repeater extension cable that has a built-in installment that uplifts the signal for comfortable use.

If you are not telecasting from your table, then using a digital camera like the GoPro Hero7 can be a good choice. These have 4K resolution and capture perfect content. For placing them in different positions, you may need a tripod.


While choosing a microphone, you must always keep some things in your mind. Firstly, if in your stream you have to do all the things sitting on your desk, then consider using a microphone with a tabletop stand. These are extremely useful because they don’t record the background noises.

Secondly, if in your stream you have to move and change position, then choose lapel microphones. These are clip devices and can get them in both wired and wireless options. However, these microphones pick up huge background noises.

Audio Mixer

It is essential if you have more than one performer in the stream. This component allows you to use multiple microphones and add other audio sources to your stream. Also, you can adjust the volume of each microphone individually.  Always look for a mixer that provides USB output of the audio. This will allow you to easily teleport your audio into the computer.


This is where the main factor starts. This platform allows you to create your stream most flawlessly by adding transitions and scenes. Also, you can overlay your logo and other graphics on your video by using the software.

There is plenty of software which provides services for both free and paid. One of the bests is the OBS Studio. Though, the selection of the software depends on the streamer’s needs.

Internet Access

This is an important issue where most creators make mistakes. Always prefer to use a wired network and never use Wi-Fi connections. Check the network speed before you go live and it is recommended to have a speed between 4-5 Mbps.

Streaming Channel

You have to decide on which platforms’ audiences will enjoy your content. The channels can be Youtube, Facebook, Periscope, etc. Also, if you want to stream on multiple platforms at a time, then you can use Switchboard Cloud. This platform is very much effective and sends your stream to any destinations you choose for your stream. 

Bring the most out of your content, extend your limitations, and attract more audience.